Dpex Brake Products - offers product lines that feature quick, convenient, accurate installation for passenger vehicles and medium-duty commercial applications.
Brake Pads
Dpex handle the full line of top quality brake pads within affordable price range.
• Engineered for OE Performance
• Slotted and chamfered edge with noise reducing constraint layer shim
• Multiple friction formulations to match vehicle braking requirements
Brake Rotors
Dpex provides premium rotors and drums that either match or surpass the specifications of the original equipment parts. These parts achieve improved stopping power, increased life for both the pad/shoe and rotor/drum, and reduced pulsation, resulting in less noise. For better result, we recommend Dpex Brake Rotors to be used with Dpex Brake Pads.
Brake Shoes
Dpex shoes are available for modern popular cars, trucks and SUVs. The design of these shoes follows the original equipment specifications and features.
• Engineered for OE Performance
• 100% asbestos-free friction material
• Excellent brake fade resistance


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