Dpex provides a broad and expanding line of domestic and foreign automotive glass to our customers. It serves automotive replacement market throughout the United States.
Tempered Glass
Dpex provides tempered glass for automobiles which glass is heated until its temperature gets near the softening point and then cool down quickly to produce pre-stress layer on the surface of glass and produce tensile stress within it, so as to improve the strength of glass.
Laminated Glass
Laminated windshield for automobiles is a sort of compound glass formed when tough poly vinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer is embedded between two pieces of glasses and being processed under high temperature and pressure. It has high mechanical strength and is transparent, resistant to light, heat and coldness to protect the safety of driver and passengers.
Tempered Glass Implanted with Heating Element
Auto glass with heating line is a sort of glass in which electrified and heating line is printed with silver paste. This product is widely used in rear window glass and side windows of automobiles.
Laminated Glass with Heating Element
Laminated wired glass is a kind of glass formed after transparent and elastic PVB film is embedded between two pieces of glass with several silk threads applies to them before they stick together under high temperature and pressure. It is widely used in front windshields and rear windows of automobiles, front windshields of high-speed trains, and front windshields of boats.


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